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240hz not working with custom resolutions

Question asked by metachen on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by pokester

Hello there.

I've got myself a new monitor (acer xf250q) which supports 240hz.

My rig is relatively old. I still use a gigabyte hd 7950.

However as far as i'm concerned the hd 7950 should support 240hz.

I connected my monitor and my graphics card using a mini displayport to displayport cable which is 6.6 feet long and should support DP 1.2

As for the windows settings, everything is working fine. I can choose 240hz @1080p

In the radeon settings however, I can not set a custom resolution that is above 132hz.

Sometimes 240hz shows up as some kind of preset but its not compatible and as soon as i try to edit it goes down to 200hz.

I have tried many different versions of amd, uninstalling every single one with DDU in safe mode afterwards.

Right now I use 240hz on the desktop but if i want to use another resolution (in my case for csgo) I have to create a custom resolution.

I also tried gpu scaling on/off and super resolution on/off.


Thank you for any help i get.