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    Got to BIOS but won't turn on + Help


      OK, been at this for too long now a major pain in the neck here me out PLEASE.


      1st wasn't getting a picture prob was on my part not putting HDMI cable in RX550 right or i dunno


      But now, i got to the BIOS on my B350-F Gaming was looking for where to say "boot off of USB" that i have Windows 10 installed but then seen my R5 1600 was running kinda toasty.. at 84 F Didn't put thermal paste had the cooler on too i know very bad then, i kinda don't know if i triggered it to turn off or sure i used the Thermaltake 500 watt PSU i bought since i think my EVGA one was dead it won't turn on when i jump it via the jumper it came with but the thermaltake one does so ok.


      but now i'm unsure if i burnt out my R5 1600 i'm scared and don't wanna replace another CPU again! get paid later this week and just want this done so i can tend to the tons of games i bought on steam
      On month 7 on this it's annoying me the ROG fourms left my to dry dunno if i explained something wrong or .... what and see what happened to my 1300X isn't covered by warranty sadly... ugh


      any aid, feedback and etc will be great got work shortly and this is what i think on and has been for too long.s


      My build is here: add 1 inland SSD it's not listed on pcpartpicker (cheap SSD i get it was on a tight budget when i got it) but yeah


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          Most modern CPU/APU have built in defenses against Overheating and damaging the CPU/APU. Once the CPU/APU senses the Temperature is above the safe limit and unable to bring it down by throttling, it will simply shut down the computer before burning out.


          That said what are your computer information according to AMD Forums rules: INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .


          What exactly are you having a problem with?  You were kinda jumping around in your post.


          Why are you booting of a Windows USB not your C: drive?  What CPU Cooler did you install ? Wraithe?

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              the CPU is a Ryzen 5 1600 with the cooler of my gone 1300X sorry for the all over the place post this just been a major buzz kill/pain for too long




              My problem: after getting to the BIOS the 1st tome i seem to not get it to turn on and continue the Windows process i was looking to do my USB was in still is my SSD was picked up but obviously, it's empty my RAM is fine was picked up when i was in the BIOS


              My B350-F shows sign of power as all signs of it are seen Aura sync glow, orange light meaning stand by


              but another question i have is whats stopping me from turning it on again press the power switch and nothing and i'm lost to searching around get's me no where to out dated articles and yet again no where further then where i am


              is the CMOS wrong wish i took a pic of how it's in the 1st time i took it out maybe put it in upside down and to how the power switch, reset and them go in but i did both ways to again nothing which raise flags in my head


              again sorry for disorganized original post just want this completed and long overdue major annoyance