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horrible warranty experience

Question asked by darkaura on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by pokester

i am posting here because of the most absolutely horrible warranty experience i have endured. i will also be posting in reddit and social media to raise awareness and pursure legal action against amd.


i purchased 2 amd gpu on october 2017. i still have the invoice of purchase. rcently 1 gpu stopped providing display and the other started artficating and freezes the system. i contact amd for asstiance. i make a support ticket and give all details.  i get a response saying that amd makes no gpus and that i should contact the manufacturer. this was very annoying as i knew the differnce between cards made by their partners and oem refernce amd cards. my gpu has no sticker or serial from sapphire or xfx. it only has a green sticker from amd.


i reply back saying my cards are refernce amd cards. i was asked to provide images of the card and invoice., i did provide all this informatiuon.  i get a reply after 4 days saying that i should contact the retailer from where it was purchased  and my card was not eligible for warranty.  they gave no reason as to why i am not eligible. even though my invoice clearly shows i am withing warranty period.


i have been speaking with amazon the retailer from whom i bought the cards i escalated the issue with amazon high support and the result back was that as much they wanted to help me they no longer stock these  cards and cant accept a return for a refund as it has been over 6 months since purchase. they have made it final and clear to me that only the manufacturer is responsible for warranty assistance. amazon has explained themselves and provided a valid reason as to why they cannot help. also their terms of service clearly state they only provide returns and refund for first few months since purchase.



i message amd back explaining all this information and i also threatened to take legal action if they dont stand behind their products.  they have been ignorning my emails and not  replying at all./


absolutely disgraceful customer support