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Windows 7, FirePro M5950 Mobility Dell and atioglxx.dll Crash

Question asked by webzoid on Jul 9, 2018

I have a Qt application running on a Dell Windows 7 laptop. The Qt application makes use of OpenGL to render static map services (such as Google Maps), with all of the rendering done by back-end Qt services.


After varying periods of time, the Qt application will crash for what would appear to be no reason at all. When I go to check the Windows Error Report files, the cause of the crash is reported as being `atioglxx.dll` with a version number of


Having attempted to update the graphics driver many times (via Windows Update and also downloading the latest version from the AMD support site), Windows will not recognise the updated driver as a better driver to use.


How can I best debug this issue? The WER file contains an "exception offset", can this be used to gleam any additional information as to whereabouts in `atioglxx.dll` this crash is occurring? All of the above is happening on a customers computer and I only have remote desktop access to it.


Thanks in advance for any advice.