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AMD Radeon R5 M430: Not using correct amount of Vram

Question asked by glen707 on Jul 7, 2018

I have a Radeon R5 M430 2GB Graphics card installed, however it's not using the correct Vram. Instead of 2GB, it only shows 512MB of VRam.

This has been a problem ever since I turned on my laptop for the first time. My laptop is an Aspire Aspire E5-523G; (Amd A9-9410 Dual Core, 2.9ghz - 3.5ghz, 8GB of Ram, AMD Radeon R5 M430).


In Task Manager, it shows the integrated graphics (AMD Radeon R5 Graphics) with 512MB of VRam: Integrated Graphics: - Album on Imgur


But my real problem is with the dedicated graphics (AMD Radeon R5 M430) showing 512MB of Vram, instead of 2GB: Dedicated Graphics: - Album on Imgur


I've tried to troubleshoot this myself by the default BIOS; however there seemed no option in relation to my problem.

I've also updated my drivers (both integrated and dedicated graphics) through the Download Drivers website, and because I couldn't find an actual driver listing for R5 M430, I choose the 'automatically detect and install drivers option'. I've also tried to update it through device manager. Updating my drivers did work; however it still shows only 512MB of Vram.


Thanks for your help.