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    Participating in AMD Ryzen 2 or Threadripper reviews


      Dear AMD & Fellow members,

      I have always been an AMD fan since 2002 around first I bought my AMD K6-III, from there I was keen on getting latest AMD CPUs, so that I want to be proud I have the latest of AMD. I never thought about moving to intel, as AMD was coming up with innovative latest line of processors, as I was constantly upgrading for getting feel of your latest AMD CPUs.

      1. AMD-K6III -500Mhz
      2. AthlonXP 1700
      3. Athlon 2800+ (This PC got stolen)
      4. Athlon X2 - 4400 ( accidentally damaged gold fins)
      5. Phenom X3 - 8450 (This is when I wanted to get a feel of triple core processor) - sold it off, as I needed more power and Opt Phenom X4 - 9350
      6. Phenom X4 - 9350 - the affordable one I could buy at that time. Though it was way beyond my budget.
      7. AMD Phenom II X4 820 - I really wanted to get the Phenom 2 experience, when it was releases.
      8. Phenom II X6 - 1090T - First black edition I experienced. Loved the over clocking.
      9. AMD FX 8350 - yaay! I bought the 8 core one and I used to brag about it a lot. It is the best processor I bought and used for around 4,5 years continuously.  After this my upgrade frenzy went down, as hardware were getting costly and priorities have changed :-)  . I sold it while I was relocating to Ireland on job assignment. 
      10. 10.) AMD FX 8120 - I bought a used one while in ireland, while I am trying to revive my AMD line that I am proud of.


      AMD Mobile APU:

      Between I also enjoyed performance of AMD Mobile APU's on my laptops, I went with AMD APU as it was affordable for my budget and I am sure it would provide me better value like desktop processors I have used.

      • AMD A8-4500M

      • AMD A10-8700P 

      ATI Dedicated Graphics Experience: •

      • Radeon 2600 PRO

      • Radeon X1950 PRO (bought a second hand)

      • Radeon 3870 (bought from US over ebay and it got stolen along with whole CPU)

      • Radeon HD 5770 ( this was the last of my upgrades, after that everything become costly for me)

      • AMD R9 280 & 280x  - they were beasts

      • MSI AMD R9 290x - 8GB current setup.  - luckily i got a cheap deal on a used in Ireland.


      Coming to the context of this post:

      I am writing this post to see if there is any possibility for me to get feel of your latest Ryzen 2 or Ryzen thread rippers. I currently moved to Ireland temporarily basis looking for settling down, unfortunately I cannot afford to buy Ryzen setup my own, but I do not want to let my AMD enthusiasm die over the time.  If there is any possibility for you to lend a Ryzen 2 or Ryzen thread ripper setup for a month or few, would be a great help for me, as an AMD fan whole my life. I wish to be part of the reviews in Red Team as a long term AMD fan.


      Is there any way  I can get some review hardware's and be part of your reviews?  Looking forward hearing anything favorable and hope to see something materialize in my favor.


      Thanking You,

      Nithin Mohan T K