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    Having blue screen problem

      • AMD Graphics Card
        • ROG Strix RX 480 8G
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop


      • Operating System
        • Windows 10 Professionnel 64 bit (build 10.0.17134)
      • Driver version installed
        • Graphic card : Driver n°24.20.11016.4    (16/05/2018)
      • Display Devices
        • SAMSUNG CFG70 24" 144mhz (active) conected by display port
      • Motherboard + Bios Revision
        • Asus ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING
      • CPU/APU
        • AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 3,60 GHZ
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
      • Seasonic - Seasonic Focus+ 550W 80 Plus Gold Modular - SSR-550FX
      • RAM
        • 16go RAM Corsair Vengeance lpx ddr4 3000Mhz


      Describe your issue:


      • I'm having a lot of blue screen since I builded my PC. I've tried everything : Format my C:, install/Desinstall the drivers etc. I'm still having thoses Blue screen like : BAD_POOL_HEADER // UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP adkys // Memory management // PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA // SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (win32kbase.sys) I don't know if it matter but before thoses one I had some others : DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (NETIO.SYS) // SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (dxgkrnl.sys)
      • I'm getting thoses blue screens when I'm playing video games like : League of Legend or Witcher III. Sometimes when the pc is stressed like with Photoshop/Internet (a lot of pages open).
      • I play with high graphics
      • I directly wrote u the error so a screen shot wouldn't help more. So I wanted to tell you that I think the problem come from the instalation and uninstallation of all the drivers but in the end I have no idea.


      Please, help me ! 

      Asus ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING

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          It sounds like you may have bad RAM.

          Please go here: MemTest86 - Official Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool
          Download and run the memory testing tool.



          To save time and help debug run with 1 RAM module at a time.


          If you do find that you have bad RAM then you will have to remove the Bad RAM, RMA and get replacement, and do a full OS reinstall.
          If the RAM is bad then it can corrupt your OS installation.

          I had a problem similar to what you describe years ago on one of my first PC Builds.

          It could be something else but that is where I would start debug.

          You may also want to take a look at SiSoftware – Windows, GPGPU, Android, iOS analysers, diagnostic and benchmarking apps
          and download a copy of SiSoft Sandra Titanium and use it to identify hardware or software issues on your PC.


          Hope this helps.



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            Disable GPU Scaling and VSR

            • Re: Having blue screen problem

              I agree with colesdav about possible bad memory. When I had one bad Corsair RAM Memory module out of a set of four, I was getting many BSOD's involving Memory errors or System Service Exception or Kmode exception not handled. Everytime I tried to upgrade Windows to a newer version I would get a BSOD or when I was trying to install drivers I would get BSODs.


              Ran MEMTEST86, before the first pass was over, it was showing thousands of errors. Removed two of the four RAM Modules and ran the test again. Still showing thousands of errors. Removed one of the two that I had installed and found out which RAM Module was bad. Install the other three RAM and no more BSODs.


              FYI, if you just have ONE ERROR indicates a bad RAM Memory normally. You should have ZERO ERRORS after 2 or more passes.


              Opened a Corsair Support ticket to RMA my RAM Module (Life time Warranty). They said, since I bought it as a set of four, I needed to send in all four RAM Modules to get a replacement for just the one bad RAM Module. My was also Vengeance series but DDR3. I refused because I couldn't allow my computer to be down for possibly a week or longer waiting for a replacement. Corsair Support said they couldn't send a single RAM Memory because they couldn't guarantee that it will be fully compatible with the rest of my installed RAM Memory and I needed to send in the entire set of four RAM Memory modules.  So i went to Corsair and found then purchased the exact same RAM Module but sold as a single unit rather than in a set. Installed and seems to be compatible without any issues.


              This is Microsoft List of Blue Screen Error Codes : List of Blue Screen Error Codes (STOP Codes)