Things to Improve in Future Releases of AMD Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition for WX & W GPU Series

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  Before share my experiences with Windows 10 1803 and the official drivers provided by AMD it’s important for me to explain you that based IMHO and not being an expert or advanced in code nor AMD fan-girl/boy: I've been using Windows since XP and right now if Linux Desktop SOs offered me all the possibility to configure, manage and control the hardware that I paid would not be here writing this, because would not use Microsoft Windows 10,  that has imposed a policy of mandatory updates forcing to the software developers to ‘run behind the carrot’ and consequently affecting the hardware experiences of its users, thus, based on my experience and my opinion, I say loud and clear that concerning about the stability Windows 10 is a complete disaster!! … but it is what there is, nothing is perfect.


Edit: I refrain from mentioning his Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry in order not to use unpleasant words and avoid being justifiably banned by the moderators of this Community.





Things to Improve in Future Releases of AMD Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition for WX & W GPU Series





I was built my custom system with:


- ASUS Prime X370-Pro motherboard (BIOS v4011)

- Ryzen 5 1600 CPU 1713SUS

- 64gb HyperX (HX424C15FB/16 x4)

- Radeon Pro WX 7100 GPU

- SSD storage

- Corsair RM750X PSU


Displays :


- Dell U2413 1920x1200@60hz through DP 1 (10-bit color, VSR supported)

- EIZO CS240 1920x1200@60hz through DP 2 (10-bit color, VSR supported)

- LG UltraWide 29UM58 2560x1080@60hz through DP 3 to HDMI active adapter (8-bit color, VSR not supported)



- Windows 10 Home x64 v1803 OS Build 17134.137

- Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition 18.Q2.1



and you can see bellow that's how it shows in the Radeon Pro Software Control Panel screenshot


Radeon Pro Control Panel WX 7100 Displays without Eyefinity.PNG




and in this way it’s shows in Windows Display Settings panel with the displays order that I have chosen


Windows Display Settings Panel without Eyefinityl.PNG




  Then I want to configure a Eyefinity Display Group 3840x1200 with the Dell and EIZO displays and enable 10-bit color support for them, and so I try to do it in the Radeon Pro Sofware Advanced Control Panel


Radeon Pro Advanced Control Panel only WX 7100 without Eyefinity.PNG

and from here I observe a limitation of the Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition because 18.Q2.1 driver does not offer me the possibility to activate 10-bit support independently for each display, is enabled or disabled for all including the unsupported LG display and this is not logical, of course after that Windows begin her unstable behavior.



Has been impossible to me create a Eyefinity group with the Dell & EIZO displays and order the LG display correctly through Windows Displays Settings, you can see in the screenshot bellow


Windows Display Settings Panel Eyefinity not successful.PNG

Note: Display 1 is the Eyefinity Group 3840x1200 Dell-EIZO and Display 2 is the LG 2560x1080.



... but I,m very stubborn, before ask I prefer to look for my own solutions:


I do not just own WX 7100 GPU, also both FirePro W4100, W4300 and Radeon Pro WX 3100 and for better compatibility with Radeon Pro Software 18.Q2.1 was decided install the WX 3100 as second GPU to connect the LG display through mDP to HDMI active adapter...


Edit: this method works, I do not think that this is the correct way because is mandatory to install a second GPU to get more stability and configuration options to choose, but could be interesting for you to observe a different Driver behavior




After to install the WX 3100 without any previous re-install or uninstall driver process you can see bellow how to shows in Radeon Pro Software Panel the new configuration


Radeon Pro Control Panel WX 7100 & WX 3100 Displays with Eyefinity.PNG


and you can observe the new toolbar  it has appeared on the Radeon Pro Software Advanced Control Panel


Radeon Pro Advanced Control Panel WX 3100 & WX 7100.PNG



and when I click on it appears a drop-down menu that shows the Displays grouped for each GPU called Desktop 1 or 2, you can see bellow the selected Desktop 1 is a Eyefinity Group 3840x1200 Dell-EIZO with 10-bit color support enabled


Radeon Pro Advanced Control Panel WX 3100 & WX 7100 menu Desktop Settings with Eyefinity.PNG



and now you can see bellow when I select Desktop 2 shows the LG display out of Eyefinity and 10-bit color support disabled


Radeon Pro Advanced Control Panel WX 3100 & WX 7100 menu Desktop Settings with Eyefinity LG selected.PNG



Windows Display Manager it also shows this


Windows Display Settings Panel Eyefinity successful.PNG





  … but not everything works as it should:


   I love silence, for this reason I prepared a room intended to placate the reverberation of sound, I bought a silence PC case and the WX 3100 fan exceeds in noise level compared to the 4 140mm fans installed in my Fractal Define R5 Black running at ±400rpm, because the WX 3100 fan never works <2100rpm as you can see in the following GPU-Z sensors screenshot


GPU-Z WX 3100 Sensors Panel with LG on.PNG


when I disable through Windows the LG display connected to the WX 3100 the noise disappears because the fan begin to work intermittently from 0rpm to ±1600rpm


GPU-Z WX 3100 Sensors Panel with LG off 1.PNG


GPU-Z WX 3100 Sensors Panel with LG off 2.PNG

Edit: same noise problem was happened with Windows 10 1709 and FirePro W4300 as 2nd GPU … Windows? … AMD Driver? … ASUS BIOS?


and when past the screen shutdown time set through Windows standby status of the monitors also does not work properly because the LG and EIZO monitors do not turn off and go into a black screen state … but overall I think the experience is pretty decent considering that I'm talking about the ‘Almighty MS Windows’ (sorry, I have not been able to avoid the sarcasm)




  Definitely I do not doubt for a moment that the Radeon Pro WX & W GPU series Team Software Developers they are working hard to improve stability and create new configuration options, for this reason I still waiting to improvements in the AMD Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Edition for:


- More stable options to enable or disable 10-bit color support without need to install a second GPU


- Temperatures and fans control without need third-party applications


- Display sleep and power on/off options manager





Thanks to AMD Community, thanks to Google Translator, thanks to TechPowerUp, thanks for read & regards