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    WX4100, fresh install win10, screen freezes for a second after each second when the second display is turned off.


      It is very difficult to use the computer when the screen freezes every other second for a second..I found out that as I have my main monitor AND a HDMI television connected to my WX4100, the problem goes away if I open the TV, or if I go to windows settings to disable the second display functionality. As there is no HDMI output in the WX4100, I have a miniDP -> HDMI adapter in between.


      But changing settings every time doesn't seem ideal, as I would need to change settings everytime if I want to use the TV as a second display, or keep the TV on all the time. Is there any way to fix this issue?? And I did not have this problem earlier with my old windows 10 install, but now after a fresh install and installation of the latest professional AMD driver, the screen freezing starts if I have both display connected and the TV turned off.