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    XFX Radion HD 7970 Series fan not working, rust, burn marks.


      Hello so having a bit of a heat wave here and my pc has been crashing every hour or so.

      I have a AMD Radeon R9 200 / HD 7900 Series and i noticed the left fan [the one closest to the casing] has stopped.

      there are burn marks near the hdmi port and rush on one screw. However the GPU is running fine for like i said about an hour.


      i have seen you can get replacement cooling systems for graphics cards on amazon but i want to know if its worth doing or what will fit correctly and anything i need to do it eg thermal past ect.


      would something like this solve the issue https://www.arctic.ac/uk_en/accelero-xtreme-iii.html


      here is the card: AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 Double Dissipation Edition - FX-797A-TDJV


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          Looks like your GPU card got damaged from overheating or short. If only one fan of two is working, your GPU card is probably overheating and shutting down under load.


          When the GPU crashes, any errors occurs or does the computer just shuts down by itself and restarts as though you hit on the Restart Button or do you just lose video image to your monitor?


          What is the exact MAKE & MODEL of your GPU card?  Google your manufacturer GPU card for Fan replacement. Then you will see if there are any and how much it would cost. You can always go to your Manufacturer's Support site and open a ticket to see if they still sell replacement fans for your GPU or have the GPU repaired under Warranty ( if it is still under Warranty).

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              The screen just goes to a graphical pattern.


              The rest of the pc seems to stop working as discord just stops working and no one can hear me and i cant hear them. this is using a usb headset connected to the mother board.


              the graphics card is a XFX Radion HD 7970

              Model Number: FX-797A-TD

              Part Number: FX-797A-TDFC

              pics of the box added.

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                  Best way to check if your GPU card is bad is by installing it in another computer. If same issue occurs with another computer than most likely your card is bricked.


                  Try using a different Video Output port on the GPU card and see if you get a clear image. (DVI-D or DP or another HDMI). If you get no clear image from any other Video Output is not a good sign.


                  Post the temperature of the GPU card to see if it is overheating. With only one of two fans running it probably gets very hot under load.


                  If you get no image at all, just weird graphic patterns when you boot up, and never get a clear image from the beginning. Try installing a previous AMD Driver. If you get the same results than most likely your card is bad unless you can install it on another computer.


                  Try contacting XFX Support and open a Support Ticket and see if your card is still under Warranty and if they believe the card is bad and needs to be RMAed.


                  As for your USB headphones, what driver is it using? AMD HD AUDIO driver or some other driver?  Check under Windows Control Panel - Sound and see what driver your USB Headphones are using and whether it is checked as the "Default" Audio device. You can also test your Headphones in the Sound Panel by clicking on "TEST". you should here a musical note in at least one of your ear phones.


                  It is possible that if your headsets uses AMD HD Audio and GPU card not working the audio doesn't work either. If the headsets does use the AMD HD Audio try changing it to another Audio driver and see if it works.

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                As elstaci already mentioned contact XFX. Back when that card was sold many of their cards still had lifetime warranties if they were registered with XFX. This may be a simple RMA. If not XFX has been good about sending me replacement fans in the past for nominal charge. Definitely worth reaching our to them.

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