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    AVR missing on Resume from Sleep


      MoBo Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P, bios FC CPU AMD FX8350

      GPU Gigabyte Asorus RX570 4GB driver 18.6.1

      HDMI to Pulse 8 CEC Adaptor-Denon AVR-X1200W- Philips PFL 5008T TV

      OS Win 10 x64 1803 +latest updates


      Intermittently on resume from sleep I have no audio, windows is not detecting my AVR it is completely missing from Device Manager (video is OK) and there is no sign of the AMD High Def Audio Device in the Sound Control Panel. I have tried setting a custom resolution in the Radeon Display settings which (in the past at least) should disable EDID checks but it still fails, also from memory when its an EDID problem it shows the device turned off or unavailable, so this seems different. Putting the PC back to sleep and waking it again usually but not always corrects the problem, reboot or power cycling the AVR always fixes it. Not sure when this started, I think it was OK directly following the win 10 1803 update but there have been at least 3 Windows updates since then and multiple driver updates.

      Looking for advice and help to resolve this annoying problem.