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AMD StoreMI Setup - Error [216] : AMD StoreMI is ONLY authorized for AMD Ryzen 400-seriex PCs.  StoreMI install aborted.

Question asked by petrklakpa on Jul 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by elstaci

This error dialog is show when installing StoreMI (latest download as of 7/5/18).


System is a fresh install of Win10 April Update running on MSI x470 Gaming Pro Carbon, with Ryzen 2700X.



     Storage: Raid 0 on M.2 with dual EVO 960's and has two 4TB Seagate mechanical drives attached to SATA 3&4 ports.

     I've just ordered two 128GB 2.5" PNY SSDs to act as "cache" drives for the StoreMI capability (one for each 4TB drive, no raiding going on there).

     This is why I'm installing the StoreMI, to get it ready for when the SSDs arrive.

     32 GB RAM, 3200 GSkill    

     GeForce 1080 (EVGA)


Only software installed is:

     AMD "Bottom driver" to make RAID controller accessible

     AMD Raid driver to make RAID volume visible to Windows Installer

     Windows 10 - April Update (version 1803)

     Latest Chipset driver from AMD website

     Latest Raid driver from AMD website

     NVidia video drivers

     Realtek Audio drivers from MSI's website


Otherwise this machine is a completely clean slate!


Anyone else?  Any ideas?