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I am having issues with drivers on my RX vega FE cannot dual install gaming / pro drivers only will allow pro drivers no matter what

Question asked by cbrf3 on Jul 5, 2018

I cannot dual install gaming / pro drivers only will allow pro workstation drivers only no matter what and with said drivers I cannot OC cannot do really anything I use this card as a gaming card and it is on liquid cooling EK waterblock I only wish to raise the power limit to the +50% the card constantly drops to around 1400mhz in games vs supposed to be 1600mhz and well the dipping really impacts performance alot I am on windows10 64bit  PRO on X99 asus sabertooth with I7 5820k and 32gb of 2666mhz memory.


I will say this in short I am getting a very major issue cannot install gaming drivers and am forced into using old blockchain drivers to allow me to raise power limit to +50% in short I feel it is being limited I paid a premium for this card even upgraded the cooling thinking the air cooler was why was so limited performance wise and only way to get proper factory clocks was to raise power limit which they now removed ability to do so on a driver lvl it will only let me use the pro workstation drivers will not allow me to install the gaming drivers at all.


I am on windows10 64bit pro 1803 PLZ I need help when I first got card I loved the dual driver feature then I updated the graphics drivers as amd drivers suggested and well it broke everything I have ran DDU and almost tried everything been dealing with it for around 2 months now nothing but a headache to deal with really makes modern games clunky and often buggy and only driver allows me to sort the issue out is old blockchain drivers and that locks me to compute mode not gaming mode and also again no matter what cannot install dual drivers won't let me.