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Is anyone  making a Ryzen 2200G based Chromebox?

Question asked by fdrmiguelito on Jul 4, 2018

Thanks in advance


I  would like to know if someone is making a Chromebox with Ryzen 2200G


Because I think it would be a great alternative home computer / Game Console with 2 M2 and 2 SATA connectors or even better specs


Offered with 8 Gb RAM, 128 Gb M2 and 4 TB HDD, Chrome OS Crostini, and Steam pre installed will be a much better machine that old Steam Machines were at least in market value.


Also having Android gaming compatibility I cannot understand why this good and cheap enough kind of product is not already made.


That is why - I read there was some work in progress - I ask if someone is still working on it -, and Chromebook version, that is more difficult because of the heat,  or it is only a wishful thinking and all the projects were abandoned.