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    freesync flicker on g2460


      Running a AOC g2460 144hz freesync monitor Rx 480 4gb 16 gb ram and a Ryzen 5 1600 turbo 3.7 ghz.  I bought this monitor a couple of months ago reading good reviews on amazon at the time.  I haven't noticed the flickering until a couple of days ago.  The driver I am using is Adrenalin 18.5.1.  Forgot to mention I only experience flickering in games such as Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO and Elder Scrolls online.  But I do not experience it in The Division and Overwatch. 

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          If you're not having an additional issue, flickering normally happens when you cross Freesync minimum limit. Though in your case it's more likely that you're exceeding the maximum - because the games you listed are less demanding than the games where you don't see flicker. Try turning Vsync on. If it doesn't help, try a frame limiter - limit the games to ~136 fps or so. Either FRTC or Chill in Radeon Settings or RTSS (comes with MSI Afterburner). Try to install the monitor driver, if available.

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              I have this same issue in games, however I experience the flicker in other normal situations, like windows settings for example--and only when freesync is on. Running on an MSI mag27c and an RX 580, and have also run other freesync monitors. Has any one else observed the issue like I have?