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Connecting HDMI (Graghics Card) to DVI (Monitor)

Question asked by amplighter on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by amplighter

One of the reasons I join the community is to learn about the types of connection that can be made with the graphics cards that are installing in a variety of computers. Being familar with the DVI type connection, I'm not familar with the HDMI connection. The computer We're hoping to purchase has a RX 580 graghics card with HDMI & display ports, however my monitor (single unit) has a DVI or VGA port. I'm wanting to us the DVI monitor in conjunction with the video card.


I've don't some search which seem to indecate that I can purchase either a HDMI female to DVI male & add a HDMI male to male HDMI cable or  single cable HDMI male to DVI male. The question is, which connection would be better for us or is there anything issue that might occur in doing either one of these conenctions?