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    Chipser Driver 18.10.0601 Won't Install


      I've downloaded the Chipset driver which seems to be compatible with my build and OS, but when I go to install the drivers, '"setup" only installs the Radeon Adrenalin, but not the chipset drivers. And if I run the chipset.msi file it displays an error message saying that "this installation package could not be opened". I've tried to run the SFC scan but it found no issues. I am logged in as administrator and all.

      What do I do?


      system info:

      - apu: Ryzen 5 2400g (with Vega graphics)

      - motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-AB350M-DS3H (X370)

      BIOS version is F23d
      - os: Windows 10 x64


      Also, currently I have older chipset drivers istalled (from the disk that was provided with the motherboard).

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          You can supply some info so someone may help > INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

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              Thank you for the input.

              However, what if I just reinstall the OS and try to install the drivers from scratch? I mean, is my problem related to the fact that I already have those drivers installed and the setup should run perfectly (on a supported OS, ofc) if the system is "clean"?

              Also, what is the order in which those drivers are supposed to be installed? I was told that the correct order is
              1) chipset
              2) cpu (if there is a specific driver, which my cpu seems to have)
              3) gpu driverIf I download the correct package from AMD and run the "setup" file will the drivers be installed in that order?

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                  They are separate programs. As far as the order goes, I will refer you to elstaci


                  These are the choices:

                  AMD Chipset, AHCI, USB 3.0 and RAID Drivers

                  AMD X399 Chipset Driver

                  Windows 10 (64-bit)

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                    Try installing Gigabytes AMD CHIPSET. It may be more compatible with your motherboard. The CHIPSET came out on 6/20/2018 from here: GA-AB350M-DS3H (rev. 1.x) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global :


                    AMD Chipset Driver
                    (Note) Win10 ver.1709 \ver.1803 supported.



                    719.58 MB



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                        Needed to start a new post. Was having some typing problems with my original comment.


                        Make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows Update. The latest AMD drivers needs Windows fully updated with "Optional & Recommended" updates.


                        If you need to reinstall your Windows 10, the best way is an Ingrade Repair installation. Use your Installation Windows 10 media (USB, DVD, etc) and start the Windows 10 installation while on Windows desktop. This will reinstall Windows 10 with all your applications intact. Same procedure as upgrading from Windows 7 to WIndows 10.


                        I needed to do this because I was having many freezes on my WIndows 10 (version 1803) computer. SFC always came back fine but under Event Viewer I was having huge amount of DCOM errors (privileges errors) that may have been causing my problems. So I did a Windows 10 Ingrade Repair installation. Windows 10 is now working normal with very few DCOM error and no more freezing every few seconds. Then I used Windows Cleanup to delete Windows.old folder from my computer.


                        If you are still having problem installing the Chipset, you can always install each component manually using Device Manager and direct it to the C:\AMD CHIPSET folder that is left over after running the installation program.  If a CHIPSET driver is not installed is probably because it already has the latest driver installed.


                        It is possible you are getting the error while trying to run CHIPSET .msi program separately from the CHIPSET because it might need the Installation .EXE file to be running. Normally it should run by itself. But maybe with the newer CHIPSETs you need to run the EXE file. Just guessing though. but you don't need to run any files/programs to update your drivers through Device Manager.


                        The Chipset should also install the driver and software for the Ryzen CPU.


                        As to the order of installing the various drivers, I haven't any knowledge as to the order of installation. The CHIPSET installs different drivers than the GPU Drivers program. But if you heard installing the Chipset then the GPU in that order is fine.

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