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FRTC dosn't work in Game Profiles

Question asked by yoshimatsu414 on Jul 3, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by kingfish

This has been a problem for while since I've bought my RX 480 near launch. FRTC is a great feature that I would love to use for some games. Specific framerate limits for certain games, where I would like.


There is a problem with Frame Rate Target Control though and that is that is doesn't work when set in the game profiles and also doesn't seem to work depending on certain monitor's as well. I have a Freesync monitor where FRTC seems to more consistently work. I set the FRTC setting in the game's profile though and it doesn't work but if I set it in the Global Profile it'll work. Now this is useless because if I want to set a lock in one game to 30 and the other to 120, I have to keep going into Radeon Settings and changing it before I play and, that's very annoying. I also have seen the FRTC setting in the Global setting change when I've change it in another game profile as well which makes no sense. As for non Freesync monitors like my TV that I use connected to my PC, FRTC doesn't work at all.


I just recently bought a RX Vega 56 and the problem is still around and this it very disappointing to me.


Any one know if there are any plans on getting this fixed? I've submitted tickets on this many times but problem still not fixed and I'm not the only posting threads online about FRTC not working.


I feel if this feature is not going to work, AMD should remove it from the settings.


AMD chill seems to work all the time but introduces some frames stuttering.