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    Computer Freezing (Lagging/CPU Usage)


      My specs:
      CPU: FX-6300 Vishera
      Graphics: RX480 GIGABYTE G1 GAMING 4GB

      RAM: 8GB DDR3 (SP - Silicon Power)

      SSD: Kingston V300 120GB (Windows 10 Pro - System Installed on this)
      HDD: 1TB WB Black 7200rpm500W Chieftech


      I haven't updated the graphics nor windows 10 in a while.

      But I noticed as soon as I Install AMD Adrenaline 18.6.1 or the previous one.

      While I'm moving my mouse it just like pauses for a second, let's say I'm having 1fps 0fps on desktop.

      In Task Manager I open Details and check what my CPU is doing and it says 92 ~ 96 on
      System Idle Process (Description) = Percentage of time the processor is idle.

      Even on idle CPU is going a little bit loco, on idle jumping from 1ghz to 3.5ghz with a small percentage like 2%~16%


      The screen is frozen once every 1~2 seconds!



      I know it's your side, cause when I de-install AMD Radeon graphics everything works smooth.


      -Kind Regards
      -Robert Ladik


      EDIT: After installing a new clean windows, everything was good with some amd catalyst from who knows when.
      After installing 18.6.1 it started to stutter.
      Now I de-installed the AMD Adrenaline thing, and problem still continues.....damn it.....


      Can't work like this.

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          Do you tried to reinstall DirectX from full package?

          Your report:

              D3D9 Overlay: Not Supported
                   DXVA-HD: Not Supported
              DDraw Status: Enabled
                D3D Status: Enabled
                AGP Status: Enabled

          My(Geforce1050, Win7):

             D3D9 Overlay: Supported
                  DXVA-HD: Supported
             DDraw Status: Enabled
               D3D Status: Enabled
               AGP Status: Enabled


          Use ProcessExplorer to find out what eating CPU time, maybe it's AMD driver library. If it's AMD driver problem uninstall driver in safe mode using usually uninstaller, reboot in safe mode again when use Display Driver Uninstaller to remove remains. Another way - prepare older version of driver 18.3.2 for example, reinstall windows 10 1709/1803 from DVD drive, don't turn on internet connection during installation and install driver in offline mode.