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i'm having to troubleshoot my audio device after every reboot to remove red cross.

Question asked by mclingo on Jul 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by mclingo

Since removing and reinstalling several driver versions using the full DDU package i'm having an issue I cant solve where the following happens.


Each time I reboot my HDMI audio device shows a red cross and nothing is selectable in there, audio seems to work however but I cant tell if its set to stereo or 7.1 as it should be. To resolve this I have to right click and trouble shoot, this then brings back the device. The annoying thing though is it sets it to default to stereo so I have to change that as well.


I've tried capturing the REG keys and having those merge at logon but that doesnt work either. I've done a full DDU uninstall and that also failed, rebuilding my OS is NOT an option so i'm hoping someone has a fix for this.