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R9 280x problem

Question asked by smooki91 on Jul 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by smooki91

Hey guys,


At some games (Heroes of the storm / Witcher 3/ sea of thieves) I have some major graphic problems. 2-3 years ago when I bought the Graphic card I played witcher 3 without any problems so this worries me. I see 2 problem reoccurring in these games.

1st problem: It often flickers. It comes from a light source always  and it this is horribly annoying. in Hots smth like this happaned occensionally  (Video below)

Heroes of the Storm graphic bug - YouTube



2nd problem: In witcher 3 (screenshots below) / In heroes of the storm it was far more distracting as an a slice of the object went through the whole screen. Looked like a line in the same color as the object and it was very distracting....

Screenshot - 522d8add8889229ce1d7f38f74ab712e - Gyazo

Screenshot - aae03b5ba7884ed726bf1f34d464e82c - Gyazo

Screenshot - da99e51ca02b45402344409324b27c3a - Gyazo


Games I can play normally: Ori and the blind forest, various fighting games, various other metroidvenias, League of legends , Hearthstone


What I did to solve the problem: I reinstalled drivers. I opened the pc and cleaned thoroughly. I am unfortunately not  very knowledgeable how to solve this kind of problem though.


PC specs_

Graphic card: Radeon R9 280x

RAM: 8gb

System: Windows 10 Home

CPU: i7-3770 3.4