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HELP aspire a515-41g with an intergrated gpu (Radeon r5) instead of RX 540 2gb

Question asked by henkje231 on Jun 29, 2018

i recently bought aspire a515-41g


I tried to play games, but it keeps using the intergrated gpu (AMD radeon r5) instead of Radeon RX 540, every game feels laggy, and I don't know how to disable or switch the gpu.

I tried to use switchable, but didn't work even roblox was slow. I looked in the BIOS, nothing about it.


Specs of the gpu I want to use:


Bus Type

PCI Express 3.0

Memory Size

2048 MB


Memory Type



Memory Clock

1250 MHz


Core Clock

1046 MHz


Total Memory Bandwidth

80 GByte/s


Memory Bit Rate

5.00 Gbps