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    New Business Ventures


      I am looking to start a new business venture centered around the growing eSports scene.


      The business will focus on giving potential career gamers the facilities, equipment, resources and support needed to transition from casual gamer to someone who can turn their hobby into a source of income.


      Id like to speak to someone at AMD about the possible partnership with my program/facility.

      At this time i will be building up to 60 PCs ranging from moderate gaming to Top end gaming/streaming/server setups.


      I have come to AMD because frankly, the Intel program looks like they are just trying to make money off of me.

      Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Thoughts?

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          You should rather inquire directly at AMD for business inquiries.
          For this kind of request you should try mail the AMD support or mail an AMD Representative.
          You can also find AMD community managers on Discord.
          I have often troubles finding out how to contact AMD for business or professional matter, i found out also this link.
          Check out on google and AMD site if you would find other forms as this one if you need: Contact an AMD Sales Representative

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