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    Question regarding RMA shipping cost


      So, I am starting the process of RMAing my 1600 due to the segfault issue, the RMA has been approved and an RMA# issued.

      My question is, do I need to pay for the shipping to send the processor to AMD?

      I've been trying to read up on the whole process and have seen conflicting information with some people saying you have to pay to return it and AMD pay to send the replacement, while other say AMD pays for both ways.

      I live in Australia and the return address I was given is in Singapore if that has any affect on the answer.

      This is my first time having to RMA a product as well as the first time I've had to send something overseas so I have no idea how to go about it to be completely honest.


      Thanks for any help you can give me.

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          When you received the RMA number, Didn't it come with instructions concerning shipping the processor back to AMD?  It should have mentioned if you need to pay for return shipping costs or AMD will pay.

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              Yes, I receives shipping instructions but no mention of who pays for shipping it to AMD (unless its staring me in the face and I just can't see it), here is the content of the email


              This is an automatically generated email please do not reply


                   Dear  Eckert

                   RMA # DELETED

                   Date June 29, 2018

                  Thank you for contacting AMD regarding warranty replacement of your

                   retail packaged 'Processor in a Box' processor(s).

                  The following processor(s) have been authorized for return to AMD

                   against the RMA number specified above. Please note that we cannot

                   process any parts other than those marked as approved in this RMA

                   confirmation email.

                  Product         Serial#         Result


                   YD1600BBAEBOX   DELETED         APPROVED
                   To ensure your processor returns safely at the return center, please
                   review the Packing & Shipping guidelines on the following link before
                   you pack your processor.
                   We recommend using a track able carrier, such as UPS, Federal Express,
                   DHL, etc.
                   Be advised that packages sent through the Postal service are directed
                   through AMD's mail sorting facility, which can cause undue or lengthy
                   delays in processing your RMA.
                   AMD cannot guarantee proper delivery of your package for RMA if it is
                   not addressed as follows:
                   Return Center Address
                   AMD SINGAPORE PTE LTD
                   C/O Warranty Returns
                   RMA# DELETED
                   51 Ubi Avenue 3
                   Singapore,  408858
                   Please note that your processor(s) will be subject to visual
                   mechanical (V/M) Inspection upon arrival at the AMD Returns Center,
                   and must pass this inspection before your warranty claim can be
                   approved.  Should your processor fail V/M inspection, a Customer
                   Support Analyst will be in contact with you by telephone or email
                   with this information. You will receive your original processor
                   approximately 3-5 business days from the ship date from the AMD
                   Returns Center, depending upon your location.
                   Best Regards,
                   AMD Global Customer Care

                   Disclaimer: The content of this email is provided for informational
                   purposes only. AMD makes no representation or warranties with respect
                   to the accuracy of the content or of the information provided and
                   reserves the right to change such information at any time, with out
                   without notice.


              I've emailed them about it but haven't heard back yet.

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                  You have to pay for shipping the processor back to AMD for RMA.


                  If AMD was paying for it they would have sent you a prepaid box or have you print  a Prepaid Shipping Label  to apply to the box with the processor for shipping. The instructions doesn't indicate anywhere where AMD is sending you a Prepaid box or Label.


                  Just be sure to properly package the Processor so that it won't get damaged while shipping back to AMD as per the link in the RMA instructions.


                  Copied from the Shipping Instructions link:

                  NOTE! Any physical damage to the processor that occurs during shipping will void warranty coverage for retail packaged ‘Processor in a Box’ processor(s).

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                      Just heard back from AMD, they do not do return labels for Australia

                      Now to find an economical way to send it, DHL, UPS and a few others I looked at quoted close to $100AUD to ship it based on the box size and approx weight I gave.


                      Thanks for your input

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                          I am in a similar position. My Acer monitor Warranty expires in November 2018 (3 year Warranty) and I have pay to ship the monitor from S.Florida to Texas Repair Center. The shipping cost will be around 30-35% of what I paid for the Monitor. I have a 27 inch Monitor so it will be a large shipping box plus shipping charges. So, I will just wait until the Monitor becomes unusable to view and then purchase a new Monitor. This time making sure that the Manufacturer either pays for shipping to them or they will pick up the monitor at a local brick and stone store if possible.


                          It is so expensive because it is international Shipping for you. From Australia to Singapore.


                          Edit: found out the 100 AUD is equal to around $73.50 USD. Still expensive.

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                              I probably picked a bigger box than needed (dimensions roughly 20cmX14cmX8cm) but it was the smallest I could find at home, plus I wanted to make sure the processor had plenty of padding around it. I'll have another look for a smaller box and see how that affects the quotes.

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                                  Here in the USA, UPS has it own stores where it offers several services. One of the services it offers is that is will professionally pack your item for shipping for a fee.  The UPS store near my house said they would charge about $21.00 to pack my 27 inch monitor. That included the box and all the proper insulation needed to prevent the monitor from being damaged during shipping. UPS Store shouldn't charge you more than 5 or 6 US dollars to pack your CPU for proper shipping.


                                  Just a thought.

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                        tolinbran, this is primarily a user forum.  I do not work for AMD and most posters here do not.  I have never RMAed a processor, but have always paid for the return shipping.  The vendor then pays to send me the the new part.  The control is the RMA issuer, as elstaci, points out.  Please ask them directly what to do.  I usually ship insured and with a delivery receipt, but it is not required.  It sounds a little easier here in the US.  Enjoy, John.

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