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RAID 10 rebuild issue on SB8xx SATA controller

Question asked by grl570810 on Jun 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2018 by elstaci

I have a problem with the RAID on my HP Proliant N36L microserver which uses the SB8xx SATA RAID controller. I had a disk fail and installed a replacement drive. Instead of seeing this as a spare drive the system seems to have decided to create a new logical drive and assign it to that as a single disk. I can find no way to get it recognised as a spare drive and rebuild the array.

Here's a screenshot of the physical drives in RAIDXpert...

As you can see it has assigned the drive to a new LD called LD 2. But when I look at the LD view...


there's no sign of this second LD, only the 'real' LD called RAID10 showing (as one would expect) in a critical state.

there are no spare drives...


I've seen some similar posts the suggest deleting the spurious LD, but as I cannot even see it this isn't possible. If I boot into the controller by hitting ctrl+F during POST then I have the same problem - can't see the new LD to remove it and allow the disk to be assigned to the RAID 10 array and initiate a rebuild.

Does anyone have any ideas to get me past the problem?

Thanks in advance,