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    How do i get sponsorship for a laptop/desktop


      HiI am a developer in Jamaica. I've been using a 10 year old computer with a VIA integrated graphics chipset for a few years now. I need something better but cannot afford it. I am currently developing a cross-platform game framework for linux/windows and android. I'd love AMD sponsor me a laptop with at least a pixel shader 3.0 graphics card. The machine does not have to be new.

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          Hey welcome to the pack,


          you already have what you need,


          now figure out how to code "use SDK's and such"


          you have a lot of work ahead of you.



          mod the cooling system perfect its peak clock output make it stable in all temps, now code.


          ive been doing it since old Pentium III's 1ghz and intel 8088, and Pentium 300mhz


          make a small game or program that can help your town or area.