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Dedicated Video Memory from System Memory on Motherboard after installing 8GB 2400mhz ram did not update to 1GB! HELP!!!

Question asked by me262schwalbe1 on Jun 28, 2018
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I just bought a kingston 260 pin DDR4 sodimm laptop memory for my Dell Inspiron 15 5576.

I need to find out why it still is saying 512MB still?


Both are made by Kingston

1xR 8GB PC4-19200-2400T SA1-11 2400MHz RAM both are the same type.

My system is Dual Channel support for gaming


Two 8Gb sticks are 512MB of dedicated video memory on the motherboard system memory.


This is separate than the RX560 4GB GDDR5 memory VRAM...


Now,What do I need to do to make it work or register it?


It is the correct RAM and yes I checked to make sure it was installed right...and it was new never used...







It should increase the system memory size known on the motherboard dedicated video memory for the motherboard to 1GB.


1 8Gb stick is 512MB now installing the other should equal it to 1GB..


get it?


I did this with the memory upgrade in my old laptop and the system memory dedicated video memory for the motherboard increased from 384MB to 512MB then I had a 4GB stick and a 2GB stick that was 384MB...


installing the exact same 4Gb then increase it to 512MB....


applying the same upgrade logic here..should see a change in the memory system to 512MB to 1GB....



Link to Old post to show what I am talking about:



Example from my old post about my old laptop




Good news

same type

SAMSUNG 4GB RAM DDR4 PC4-2133P (PC4 17000) Laptop Notebook memory M471A5143DB0-CPB

here is the Display Adapter update...I never thought it would automatically update...holy cow it did...




Now, that you made it to the bottom of the page,How do I get my system to update the motherboard system memory size from 512MB to 1GB and don't tell it can't be done....


please reply with instructions on where in Regedit or BIOS to make this change to happen...or do I need to take the bottom stick out and put in in the top slot and put my new stick in the bottom>?


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