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windows 10 support for a6-3400m

Question asked by saintzoilus on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by kingfish

From what I can see, the last post addressing this was 2 years ago telling someone to use the "windows drivers" from windows update.


From what I can see, these function like crap and cripple the computer for even simple video watching, making simple gaming impossible that it was able to do previously.


Now I did some more digging and found a 3 year old thread talking about a "work around" with a older version of catalyst vr 15.6 beta. Download link is still up for it.

My question is; can I do this with current drivers and current version of red crimson?



So your telling me some guy 3 years ago does a simple work around (and from the sounds of things there is a 2nd work around by editing a file) and someone from amd can't manage to do this?


Nobody at amd in 3 years has been able to do this simple edit to convert windows 8.1 drivers over to windows 10? Really?


I personally think this is crazy that amd is seemingly trying to wipe their hands clean of a entire line of cpus purely by no longer supporting driver updates, this REALLY makes me 2nd guess buying apus if amd is unwilling to future proof them by updating the drivers.