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xfx 7950 Low fps on older games with new drivers

Question asked by drakathz on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2018 by drakathz

All of my stuff is updated and my computer is always clean but it seems that with newer amd drivers i get extremely low fps on old games not many games but i do.


Well i have been playing "metin2" with my brother and its an old game that we used to play a lot, and are back at it again.

And i never deleted the game just played less overtime login here and there but from what i remember i didnt have such problem with 17.x.x drivers didnt try every single one but i think 18.x.x drivers have this problem with the game too.




The only fix to that is using DDU and letting windows update install it for me, it installs the 17.1.1 which works perfect for this game (the game never uses more than 20% gpu or 30-40% cpu because its an old game and its not very well designed but with 17.1.1 it runs steady 60fps and with rly big waves of monsters it drops quite a bit but thats to expected as the game isnt perfect, with the 18.5.1 it stutter a lot and with big waves of monster it stutter even more with insanely low fps almost slideshow)




The solution could be as simple as staying with 17.1.1 but then some newer games have low fps for example one i have been playing "state of decay 2" it runs on high settings some tweak here and there steady 60 fps and with the 17.1.1 it drops to 30 or even lower on some places, stutter a lot and for some reason the graphics get worse like the lights and such. (the gpu usage on both drivers are similar around 80-90% with fps locked to 60)




So is there any reason for that low fps on old games ? and is there a solution so i can play both games without having to change drivers ?