Updated Performance Tuning Guidelines for Low Latency Posted on AMD Developer Central

Discussion created by jesse_amd Employee on Jun 27, 2018

An updated performance tuning guideline for low latency white paper has been posted to AMD Developer Central. You can find it under EPYC Resources > Performance Tuning Guides or by clicking directly on this link.


New in this version

  • Overview section
    • Modified the opening paragraph
  • Hardware Configuration section
    • Modified text and figures throughout
  • BIOS Configuration section:
    • Updated the Profiles subsection
  • Operating System Configuration section: 
    • Modified text and figures throughout and added the following new subsections:
      • The /proc filesystem
      • The sysfs
      • Kswapd Thread Affinity
      • IRQ Affinity
      • Kernel Timer Interrupts
      • RCU Threads