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Adrenalin- Why won't it recognize my second r9 290, but my computer will?

Question asked by techtermin8r on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by kingfish

I recently got 2 R9 290s that I use (or am tying to) in crossfire. I have been trying to solve this problem form months with no luck, and am unable to find a forum with a similar problem. So, here's the issue: Adrenalin doesn't recognize the existence of my second card, however device manager does. The only way I've found to get crossfire working is with an old version of crimson. I've tried a bunch of drivers and versions of Adrenalin and nothing has worked. In device manager (while using Adrenalin) it has 2 R9 290s listed, but one has the green, good to go symbol, and the other has the yellow triangle. Adrenalin's settings are only for one card with the enable crossfire switch nowhere to be found. It's definitely a software problem because device manager has acknowledged the existence of card #2, but Adrenalin wont. And I do have the latest drivers installed, and in device manager, both have the same driver version. Any suggestions?