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Single channel 32 bit tiff for displacement doesn't work in pro render.

Question asked by voidcore on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by voidcore

I want to do displacement mapping for concept art similar to what Jama Jurabaev does here:

Basically that means using floating point textures for displacements. He uses 32 bit tiff files for displacements in Octane which have really good responsiveness. I would like to do the same but using Pro Render since I am on a Mac and don't have Nvidia cards. At this time I have to convert the tiffs to exr. I actually wrote a program to do this since Photshop doesn't allow single channel exr export. Anyway, It would be better if Pro Render supported 32 bit tiffs as displacement maps since it is kind of standard in many apps. Blender/Cycles supports it.

Also, the viewport performance and responsiveness of the GUI while editing nodes is very slow so this needs to be improved.

In addition: please allow rotations, scaling and translations of the UVs.

(macbook pro 10.13.6 using vega64 in EGPU and blender 2.79b + prorender 1.6.159)