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    1950X Temperatures too high - Need advice


      I have recently built a new system using the TR 1950X, it's running on a ASUS Prime x399-A board, with a Noctua NHU14-S in a push pull configuration.


      My idle temperatures are really high, ranging from 44-55c sitting on the desktop screen only.


      Running intel burn test, it shoots up to 80c.


      This is all with no overclock, running factory settings.


      I have verified that the fan curve is working correctly and that the cooler is properly installed. I have reseated it twice to ensure of this.


      Could anyone offer some advice as to what's wrong?



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          Have you tried using Ryzen Master to configure your CPU fan and other aspects of the cpu? Have you tried to configure the CPU under BIOS to run cooler?


          Do you have the latest BIOS and CHIPSET installed on your motherboard?  (this helps Compatibility and CPU issues with the motherboard)? 


          Have you left your side panel off to your computer case off to see if the temperatures at idle are cooler?  With the side panel off, if the CPU is cooler at idle this can indicate poor air circulation in your computer case.


          What is the temperature of the room where the computer case is located?  Is the Temperature above 85 or 90 degrees F. ?

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              Hi, I have ensured that the bios and drivers are up to date.


              With the side panel off the results are the same


              The temperature of the room right now is 22c, my other old system is running at 27c idle


              I have used 2 different application methods, initially i tried the dots method outlined in the Noctua installation guide, i have removed that paste and now tried using the X method but have saw no difference