AMD's Super computer.....

Discussion created by gautam912 on Jun 26, 2018
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Hi Team,

After I read this news  "National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Italy Adopts AMD EPYC™ Processor for Future Research Efforts Nasdaq:AMD "

I thought of starting this discussion thread because "Nuclear Physics" this filed is yet to be explored because it's soo much less known about.

Our race still lacks the proper technology to understand it, like Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics, etc.


The point is, choice of such highly technical people for their tool. While its less likely to be budget constraints for a Government Projects in country like Italy.

This certainly proves the capability of EPYC, Does it makes sense if AMD either partnership with someone or build their own the world's fastest super computer.


This could be one of the best way to advertise and market  AMD offerings we all know how since ages by hook or by crook Intle has it's presence in the market.

and many corporate decision makers are stuck with only one thing i.e. Intle.