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    AMD's Super computer.....


      Hi Team,

      After I read this news  "National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Italy Adopts AMD EPYC™ Processor for Future Research Efforts Nasdaq:AMD "

      I thought of starting this discussion thread because "Nuclear Physics" this filed is yet to be explored because it's soo much less known about.

      Our race still lacks the proper technology to understand it, like Quantum Computing, Quantum Physics, etc.


      The point is, choice of such highly technical people for their tool. While its less likely to be budget constraints for a Government Projects in country like Italy.

      This certainly proves the capability of EPYC, Does it makes sense if AMD either partnership with someone or build their own the world's fastest super computer.


      This could be one of the best way to advertise and market  AMD offerings we all know how since ages by hook or by crook Intle has it's presence in the market.

      and many corporate decision makers are stuck with only one thing i.e. Intle.

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          Even if this seems a lot for you, take into consideration that the Italian Physicist institute you consider constrain, is already the max you could get in there.
          So if only them are able to get something to do science in Italy, you can imagine how poor other scientist are in Italy and all around the world.
          Please do not mistake and make this clear into your mind, science is poor, without resources, infrastructures, where the field is not drove directly by multibillion companies.
          So yeah, if you want call science mining your data for Facebook ads against your privacy, we human kind are the best at that instead of doing science that bring forward human kind!
          I noticed the NVIDIA CEO gifted a nice server cards set for science, but was for AI purposes not to find a cancer cure!
          Because it's still a Nvidia marketing line helping curing cancer, never saw, noticed where NVIDIA helped research, geneticist or so to cure cancer around the world.
          And it's sad when companies claim such thing that nobody educated ask if this was really the case or just a basic usual lie!


          So leave the market advertising and the science alone, if you want an advice!
          Because not sure fundamental scientist, as myself was, are really happy how the computing power is used in the world nowadays!!!!

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              Thanks wimpzilla for the amazing, encouraging, positive & constructive advice.

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                  Thanks you, hope it help.


                  AMD would be the greatest power as company to help scientist because it pack patents for CPU and GPU.
                  And in a way AMD is already helping finally allowing normal users without corporations or money to reach decent computation powers for a fair price.


                  What to be honest, Intel and Nvidia did not wished and locked everything behind paywall corporations products.
                  When i published my data and worked 12h a day as scientist, everyone in future could use my data for bring forward a scientific hypothesis.
                  Instead with all these highly priced products, behind high paywall, companies certainly did not encouraged bringing forward public research in favour of the private research!


                  So AMD do not need any specific marketing for reach scientist, as company it doing already the best it could, helping researchers to access computation power that is required to bring forward our modern science in any fields.
                  The best marketing possible in this particular case for AMD, is the product itself, allowing even small universities to pack a least decent amount of computing hardware, especially with the new 32 cores TR2!
                  Scientist often work in small groups/teams, each one having it's dedicated hardware and often a EYPC is too big an/or expensive for one team.
                  Hence the new TR2 workstations would be a nice feat to have, either for simplicity and practical use when computation power is needed.