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    RAIDXpert vs RAIDXpert2


      Lots of confusion here about most current and needed RAID drivers.  Several Questions concerning RAIDXpert below:


      I have a Gigabyte motherboard with an AMD SB950 chipset.  The computer was originally built with W7 and upgraded last year to W10.  I use RAID 1 for my media storage, and it has been trouble-free until this morning when the logical drive went critical.  Trying to launch RAIDXpert failed, so I began looking for new drivers.


      I eventually found AMD chipset drivers ver 17.40 here:  Previous AMD Chipset Drivers


      The top file with a release date of 01/15/2018 ran fine, and my old RAIDXpert started right up with the new chipset drivers.  But that AMD support page certainly seems to imply that I also need the second file, with a release date of 12/12/2017 to get the RAID drivers and the RAIDXpert utility.  Unfortunately, that file will not install on my system (I have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card).  But . . .

      QUESTION 1:

      do I even need it, since my existing RAIDXpert is running fine and reports version 3.3.1540.7?


      QUESTION 2:

      I have seen some other posts here that referred to RAIDXpert2 (and I see that app inside the AMD-RAID driver package) - what is the difference between RAIDXpert and RAIDXpert2, and why should I care?


      QUESTION 3:

      RAIDXpert2  is not actually shown in the apps in the AMD-RAID package - there I see "RAIDXpert2_bolton", _BR, and _TR.  What the heck is the _bolton, _BR and _TR?  What might happen if I try to run one of these apps?


      I am sorry to be so dense about all of this, and I really appreciate any help you can offer to clue me in!