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Radeon R7 dont recongnized the resolution of my tv

Question asked by fento on Jun 23, 2018

I have a motherboard gigabyte a320m-s2h and this had the radeon R7 Integrated, i installed windows 10 and everything goes well untill i install the graphic driver, because  when i conect the vga cable recognice the resolution 1600x1200 but whe i conect the same tv usin the hdmi cable put another resolution higher 1920x1080 but in fact that is wrong because i use a pixel ruler and the real definition is 1280x780 and all is bigger,  i update windows and download the last driver thar the page give me , but nothing can fix it, i even display the propeties of the graphic adaptor and the resolution 1600x1200 that seems to work well with the vga cable , doesnt apear


what else can i do?