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Installed amd OVERDRIVE thinking it works for ryzen CPUs and before I could even use the program it blue screened and my PC won't correctly even after CMOS reset

Question asked by househipster on Jun 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2019 by ad.astra.42


Hello amd forum,


I have recently decided to switch over from Intel to the ryzen series from amd with your new 2600 processor and thought that the AMD overdrive software was also for the ryzen series processors. And that turns out not to be the case, but the programme blue screened my pc right as I clicked on 'yes' when it asks you about knowing the risk of overclocking.


I have a motherboard where to reset CMOS I need to take out the cable, which I did, but I still can't boot properly.


Please help me out, I was really excited for my new upgrade from an old 6th gen i3


Kind regards,