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    [ReLive] m4a as a separate track = choppy audio ?




      I'm using ReLive to capture gameplay footage, and it's working great except for one thing : the separate audio track for the microphone. The game audio is flawless, but my microphone track is all choppy and distorted (tried on Audacity/Vegas/VLC), making the feature effectively useless... I have absolutely no problem with my Blue Yeti when I record with Audacity. Tried both 44.1k and 48k, 192kbps and lower... It won't work. Any idea ? Could it have anything to do with codecs, disk writing speed ?


      Thanking you in advance !

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          I have exactly the same problem.

          To fix it in my case I had to use a second program to record the microphone.

          I'm not sure, but I think the problem is the format of the audio, the "m4a". I say that because other programs like Bandicam record me in "Wav" or "mp3" and the audio of the microphone is heard without problem. (Without envargo it is annoying to have to use a second program for the microphone).

          As a recommendation, you should add an option in ReLive to choose the codec and audio format for the microphone.


          Note: I am sorry if my words sound strange, English is not my mother tongue.