HBCC Crashing Titanfall 2 Again (fixed)

Discussion created by renner on Jun 22, 2018

Well, I just had another TF2 game crash, followed by the system crash seconds later, after some error message. So far, the only driver lately where this didn't happen was 18.5.1, but it has a glitchy audio in ReLive recordings, and that's also for the 5.2. You repaired audio glitches in 18.6.1, but I'm having crashes with HBCC. So, at this moment, I can chose either working ReLive over HBCC, or HBCC over ReLive, not both.


Edit 13.07.2018:


Well, after 3 long games of the Frontier Defense in Titanfall 2 without a single crash with HBCC enabled I could say its finally fixed, again. And ReLive is working flawlessly too. I saw some strange glitch in FC5 benchmark, but its fine, maybe accidental. I think I'm gonna stay on this 18.7.1 release for a while, lol.