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FPS Dropping for 20 seconds

Question asked by nour on Jun 21, 2018


I have Notebook Asus x540up i7 , it  has R5 m420  , since the last update release , im hiving heavy FPS dropping for about 20 seconds on games and also on Flash online games , i have tired to uninstall the new version of driver and install the old one , it worked for a while then now it back for the same issue , i even formatted my laptop and installed new windows thinking that it going to fix it and yet its useless , actually i regret choosing AMD instead of Nvidia ,  for what im suffering of , i have seen some ppl having the same issue on forums in this site as well and there weren't any answers for there questions  as i was searching for a solution on internet , i wonder if im going to face that issue forever on my laptop as im only having it 6 months ago , this is very annoying