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Monitor starts flashing color with DP and Freesync

Question asked by virion91 on Jun 21, 2018

Hello everybody. Need help, im searched all forum, but did not find a similar problem.. everyone complains about flickering with freesync, but I do not have this problem.

I'm very sorry for my bad English and i use google translator.



Monitor viewsonic 3202-c 144hz only with DP.

Video card radeon r390 sapphire. Did not accelerating.

motherboard asus ASUS MAXIMUS VIII RANGER.

CPU i6600k

Power Supply be quiet 600 w



I bought a monitor viewsonic 3202-c, 5 months ago with support freesync 144hz. The trick is that with ONLY FREESYNC ON during some games, when i changing modes on the monitor FPS, RTS, MOBA the monitor starts flashing color blue, red, green, black. The computer works further, i.e. playing music, etc... Sometimes It happens in some games randomly without changing the modes, but rarely. In some light games, where 144 Hz keeps stability, such as titan quest... I can change modes and nothing. And in some, for example, the witcher begin to flash colors purely randomly - sometimes once a day, sometimes once every two days, and sometimes even once a week . If I change the window through alt tab and switch to the example on the desktop or browser, then everything becomes normal, or I'll just keep changing modes. When the freesync OFF - no problem. Reinstalling Windows, all possible drivers did not help.


The most interesting even is putting forcibly in windows 1980 1080 60 hz freesync ON and using the displayport problem is saved. Buying another dp, but cheap cable did not help. But I repeat that this only happens with freesync enabled.

While when i using for experiment hdmi 1920 1080 60 hz with freesync ON no problem.


I would like to know how you think this is a monitor problem or curved software problem?



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