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Which processors work for the "Boot Kit"?

Question asked by retrospek on Jun 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by retrospek

I run a small computer store, and I've seen a few 2400G processors so far, that luckily have worked out of the box with the motherboards.  Rather than have to get a loaner each time if I need to flash the BIOS, what processor(s) are being included in the Boot Kit from AMD?  I'd like to know, in case if I have one laying around, I'll keep it aside for that purpose, or if I need to, I'll order one, and provide that service for my customers.  Note, it might not necessarily be the 2400G, but any of the second gen AM4 with integrated graphics and could be a few different motherboards (MSI, ASUS, BioStar, Gigabyte, etc.).


Thanks for any information on this.