RX 580 Drops in FPS ?

Discussion created by mathiasyde25 on Jun 21, 2018




I just bought a brand new RX 580 8GB OC edition from Sapphire (pulse) and would like to unlock its full potential.. i use TriXX Software And can raise power target 30% and voltage 200mv+ is this the normal limits for this card?


i see people can raise the power target by 50% percent in MSI Afterburner? but only +96mv voltage for some??


That makes me wonder if 200mv is too much for my card?? can that be dangerous in any way?? im saying no to my self as this software comes with the card and sapphire allowed it for some reason??


But i tried using +200mv in trixx and saw that at the same clocks my fps would get lower in 3dmark firestrike even at stock clockspeeds?? i have +30 power target on while testing..


is that what is making a restriction in power consumption or something?



its the first time ive ever messed around with a amd card..


i know how the normal procedure for oc is.. but i was just wondering about those questions.. if i made anything dangerous by trying +200mv ?? Scary seeing those fps drop flat all of a sudden