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    R9 390 Metin2 Black Screen/System Lock Up 18.5.1


      Hi guys, I'm the owner of a Sapphire Nitro R9 390 8Gb.

      It performs very well and lets me play most of the games with good graphics.

      It has just one problem, everytime I play a game called Metin2 (and sometimes even while playing something through VLC) I randomly get graphical artifacts and freezes with black screen and buzzing sounds, which force me to manual shut down the computer itself.


      I'll leave some specs here:

      CPU: Intel i5 3470

      RAM: 2x4 Gb DDR3 1600 Mhz

      PSU: Fortrnon Raider 650W

      MOBO: Asus B75M-Plus

      Windows 10 Home x64

      AMD Drivers 18.5.1 (it happened even with older drivers)


      What should I do?


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          I've just checked the specs page, according to this page:


          Metin2 on Steam


          Win10 64 etc was not listed as this could one part of your issue. At this point I would suggest contacting the game developer and ask them if the game is been tested For use with Win10 32 or Win10 64 as again the page says:



          "Runs on Windows XP and up; no support offered"


          Although the page doesn't suggest that the game is flash based, make sure your flash has been updated just in case.


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            This happens to me as well, but for me it happens with Hitman.


            For me it seems to be a BSOD but a black screen, so checking BlueScreenView, there WAS a minidump file.

            This is what was inside of it.

            Dump FileCrash TimeBug Check StringBug Check CodeParameter 1Parameter 2Parameter 3Parameter 4Caused By DriverCaused By AddressFile DescriptionProduct NameCompanyFile VersionProcessorCrash AddressStack Address 1Stack Address 2Stack Address 3Computer NameFull PathProcessors CountMajor VersionMinor VersionDump File SizeDump File Time
            062018-38343-01.dmp6/20/2018 11:07:35 PMTHREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER0x100000eaffffa180`e2d6b70000000000`0000000000000000`0000000000000000`00000000atikmdag.sysatikmdag.sys+e7f3bATI Radeon Kernel Mode DriverATI Radeon FamilyAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc. C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\062018-38343-01.dmp815171341,803,9006/20/2018 11:16:40 PM


            Hopefully we can get some support soon.