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Problems creating 4x3 MGPU Eyfinity with 2x WX9100 + 1x S400

Question asked by viztech on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by viztech

Hi Everyone,

We have a Dell T7600 with 2x E5-2650, 128 GB RAM, 2x WX9100, S400, 12x 1920x1080 Samsung UD55 running Windows 7 x64 and drivers 18.Q2.1


The aim of this computer is to create a 4x3 video wall with infinity so we can have a 7680x3240 pixel desktop. We've had this running as two, 2x3 desktops with eyefinity, one from each GPU but our desire is to run this all as a single desktop. Looking through the drivers we've never seen the option to combine more than 6 panels into a single display, that is until the 18.Q2.1 drivers.


Unfortunately every time we enable MGPU Eyefinity with monitors plugged into both cards, all the screens flicker then go black, and a few turn pink. Waiting doesn't appear to change anything. It's also impossible to login using remote desktop. After a hard reset, the windows loading screen appears on one of the monitors then everything returns to black/pink with no ability to do anything.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance!