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RX 580 CSGO Restarting PC

Question asked by soaponarope on Jun 20, 2018

My RX 580 4GB Model crashes upon loading into a CS:GO game. All other games work fine no issue. The problem is specific to the card, as my R7 370 works 100% fine with the game, no crashes. I've tried many fixes, such as -

- Restarting PC
- Uninstalling drivers 100% with DDU and reinstalling latest drivers
- Rolling back to 17.4.4 drivers

- Editing various Wattman settings

- Editing various in-game settings

Maybe other things I'm forgetting as well.


I'd love some assistance with this issue as I'd prefer not to have to switch back to my 370 every time I play CS:GO. I've had this issue for months and have spent a lot of time searching, including on these forums. Thank you guys.