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    Only one (of two) monitor works at one time


      I have connected two monitors in dual configuration: just extended desktop mode (no Eyefinity). About a week it works fine, but now only one monitor can display picture -- another say "No signal" on the screen. In CCC in "Creating and Arranging Desktops" I see two icons of both monitors but only one (BenQ for example) is active. On second icon (Philips) I see message "DVI disable". In it's local menu I select "Duplicate" or "Extend" -- no effect. If I select "Replace" then the active monitor changes to Philips but BenQ become black and say "No signal". On BenQ's icon I see message "HDMI disable". So I can switch monitors and use one or another but I cannot use them simultaneously.

      At computer start (then BIOS messages displayed) both monitors correctly display same picture, so I think the problem in the driver that enable only one connector. Is there a way to turn enable both DVI and HDMI?


      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3

      BIOS: AB350G3 F10

      Memory: 2 x 8GiB DDR4 2666MHz

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600

      GPU: Radeon HD 5450 PowerColor PCIe 1024MiB (1GBK3-SHEV4)

      OS: Windows 7 Pro / 64bit

      Driver version: 15.7.1

      Monitor 1: BenQ GW2270 (1920x1080) on HDMI

      Monitor 2: Philips 17S4LSB (1280x1024) on DVI-D


      (It's not answered. Sorry)