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Card to run 38 inch widescreen

Question asked by lioninstreet on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by lioninstreet

I have kind of an odd scenario.


In anticipation of building a new system, I just got a 38" Acer xr382cqk 3840 x 1600 free sync wide screen monitor. Gaming is not important to me and I will be using it primarily for multi web page browsing and work purposes (no heavy graphics uses). Some might think I'm crazy as a non-gamer, non-editor to run a monitor like this just to get two screens off my desk, but it is what it is. I don't overclock either so I really don't need a unlocked or high end chip, but I do need to multitask. And don't forget Netflix at 1080p


So what I need to ask advise on is, will a monitor 3840 x 1600 monitor run with graphics on chip CPU (like a Ryzen 5 or UHD Graphics 630).  Or if not, what is the lowest level GPU I would need for my uses?  It seems that most are recommending a 4(5)60 or a 4(5)70 at 4gb but I'm thinking I really don't need that much card since I don't plan on gaming.


Should I go for a card like this or ??