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AGESA and X399 issue

Question asked by falloutboy on Jun 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by misterj

I have an ASUS X399 Prime A on which there seems to be a major problem with AGESA - current version and it has caused major headaches.


Firstly I brough two ASUS XGC-100C's and while both detected in both my computers - one intel and one AMD neither card could talk to each other, after various amounts of mucking around ASUS decided that the cards were faulty and that they should be returned - both of these cards it seemed were only able to talk to each other at 1Gbs despite being 10Gb cards...


My next step was to purchase 2 Mellenox ConnectX2 SFP's, I placed one in each machine my R5E10 identified the card and installed the drivers immediately without even having to download anything, my X399 however discovered the card looked like it installed the driver and came up with code 43. odd. So I delete the driver as per the instructions from Microsoft for a code 43 and reboot my machine to redetect - this is the last time that this card was ever seen.


I know it is not a windows issue both these cards operate perfectly fine in my R5E10 and provide PXE boot messages on startup ; however - either card in the X399a results in nothing additional in bios, no PXE boot messages and no card detected in windows or Ubuntu linux.


So it seems that AGESA is at fault and I am stuck in limbo trying to determine what to do next, ASUS is taking their sweet time and in the mean time I have a PC that I can't fully utilize.


Are there any diagnostic test programs or something that I can run to determine what the hell is going on here?