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Radeon Pro WX7100 on Dell Precision T7600 can't install Driver 18Q2.1 from 17Q4.1

Question asked by charlesisworking on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by charlesisworking

Hi all,

I'm rocking a Dell T7600 Precision with 2xE5-2667 xeons, 64GB RAM (32GB per cpu), and Win 10 1709. I can't install the latest Radeon PRO enterprise drivers 18Q2.1.

The wizard will go through its initial processes and dialogue boxes (doesn't matter if I do a custom or express) and then start to install the drivers. The screen will go blank, which is expected, but then will not come out of that state indefinitely. After waiting for several minutes for there to be any change, I am forced to do a hard power off at the button. Then head to Safe Mode and use DDU to clean up the driver and then try the install again after another reboot. Same results. I try to remote desktop into the machine, but I can't see anything in the RDP window. I again do a hard power off after a while, head to safe mode, run DDU again, and re-install 17Q4.1, which installs just fine and makes it past the point where the screen goes blank while new driver installation is taking place.


Anyone else have these issues/have workarounds? I'm fine with sticking with 17Q4.1, but I don't think that's a solution to a problem that may plague me into the future of drivers.